DedeMed's Falafel Spice

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Make your own Falafel at home with DedeMed's Falafel Spice

Traditional Falafel Spice (Mediterranean Fried Vegetable Burger) from DedeMed.


Follow Dede's Recipe and replace the spices with 2tbs of DedeMed's Special Blend of Falafel Spices.


DedeMed Spice blends are manufactured using the highest quality, premium spices sourced from all over the world. They are expertly blended to provide a balanced, authentic flavor true to their heritage. All of the spice material is fresh, vibrant; and has been cleaned and treated for microbiological contamination. DedeMed Spice Blends are manufactured in a facility that uses Good Manufacturing Practices and currently has a “Superior” Food Safety Rating from the American Institute of Baking.